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To celebrate three consecutive
Motor Cycle News British
Superbike championships by the
Cadbury Boost Yamaha Team,
Dunlop and Niall Mackenzie,
Dunlop commissioned an original
painting and a limited edition of
500 prints.

The original was presented
to the directors of Yamaha UK, 250
prints were sent to Yamaha U.K.
and Dunlop dealers throughout
Europe. These were used for PR
and marketing purposes.

Niall Mackenzie and I individually
sign each print. The first three
prints were framed and presented
to Niall, Cadbury and Yamaha.


The two companies commissioned
an original painting and 35 prints
to mark the occasion of their visit,
with their leading clients, to the
1998 Monaco Grand Prix.

The original painting was presented
to the directors of CHS and the
35 prints were presented to the
guests attending the event.

Whether you simply require an
In celebration of an excellent 1998
season, culminating in the winning
of the British 600 SuperSport
Championship title,Crescent
Racing and Suzuki commissioned
an original painting and a limited
edition of 850 prints.

Crescent Racing had 40 of the
prints framed and presented them
the teams sponsors and partners to
express thanks for their support.


To provide a sales incentive whilst
also promoting the companies
involvement in F1, Computer
Associates purchased a number of
McLaren-David Coulthard prints.

This print is particularly popular, as
David individually signed each one.

Whether you are seeking to
provide a record of an event,
looking for a special gift or want
to celebrate a success, using art
provides you with a unique and
personal approach.

To receive further details send me
an email outlining what you want
to achieve or complete the commission enquiry form.