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The form comprises four sections, Contact Details, Original Painting &
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Please complete the sections suitable for your enquiry and send me the
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Contact Details - only needed for a commissions enquiry

Please fill out this form, so I'll know how to reach you. Thanks!

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Commissions Enquiry Details
Enter a description of the painting you would like.

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Medium you would like used for your painting:
Acrylics Watercolours Oils Pencil

Approximate size of the painting before framing: (in centimeters)
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If you measure in Inches try my Centimeter converter
Simply put the centimeter size in and it will calculate the inches for you.

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Would you like me to frame it? (UK only-quoted seperate)Yes: No:

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Can you suppy photographs of the subject to be painted?Yes: No:

Thank you for your enquiry. I will forward a preliminary quote shortly and, should this be satisfactory, contact you by phone to discuss your
commission in more detail and finalise a charge for the work.

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