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This page explains how to use the buttons to navigate this site.

When visiting a gallery click on a thumb nail to see the full size image. Once in a main picture page use the buttons positioned bottom right, marked Details, Stock and Catalogue, to see notes about the work.

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Click on the Studio200 logo.

Designed to minimise scrolling, each page contains elements that appear as you pass over  the buttons.  Pages containing large paintings show these additional buttons:

Each will produce a pop-up under a painting that contains detailed information, such as if prints are available, sizes and prices.

These first two buttons, whilst having a pop-up, if clicked will
return you to the current page. The last of these three buttons,

has a pop-up and when clicked,
will take you to the catalogue document. This contains details on all the images in the gallery.

This button appears on all the site pages.